Project control can only be achieved when cost, schedule, and technical objectives are clearly documented, realistically derived, and deliberately managed. Project scheduling is an important process in a project’s overall development plan. However, a project will generally not follow the plan exactly and even the most well thought-out project schedules will inevitably exhibit variances between the planned and actual performance. In order to prevent these variances from significantly delaying or disrupting the project, a process for continual schedule control and monitoring may be implemented from the project’s outset.

Synergen is able to assist our clients at any stage of a project, as we have the ability to measure current performance status and also forecast potential problems. Regulating variances can mean the difference between the success and failure of your project.

Industry studies have confirmed that whether a project is in the conceptual planning stage, bidding stage, or during construction, an improvement in project performance is achievable with the implementation of Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling. Whether our clients are fulfilling contractual requirements or simply executing management practices, Synergen provides essential CPM scheduling and progress management service tools. Our services include schedule development and preparation, schedule updating and progress reporting, and CPM schedule analysis on complex projects.

Our work products and deliverables are prepared using the latest versions of established industry software such as Primavera®SureTrak®MS Project®, Synchro Pro, and Safran.