Synergen’s experienced professionals use proven and accepted industry techniques to identify and analyze project delays. Many of our consultants are recognized as experts in the areas of Critical Path Method scheduling and schedule delay analysis by arbitration panels, dispute resolution boards, and state and federal courts.

When providing CPM delay analysis for contractors, Synergen prepares fragnets and performs construction delay analysis in accordance with contractual requirements, industry standards, and court-appointed methodologies. Synergen utilizes CPM schedules and other project records to demonstrate delays to a project and the effect of those delays to the project’s critical path.

When working for owners, we analyze the quality of contractors’ CPM schedules in terms of the mechanics and proper construction of the CPM schedule logic. We also evaluate contractors’ schedules in terms of their use as a management tool and evaluate actual performance. When contractors submit delay claims, Synergen evaluates the merit and quantification of the claim and assists owners in determining a valid and reasoned response.

In addition to our knowledge and expertise, we use proprietary analysis software and systems, as well as standard industry software, in the preparation of CPM schedules and analysis of schedule delay claims. These standard programs include:

In the unfortunate event an engineer or construction claim does occur, Synergen is equipped to provide ongoing support in assessing or validating a party’s entitlement and quantification of damages. By analyzing the contract documents and the parties’ performance throughout the project duration, Synergen identifies causes of impact, the effect of those causes on a project, and the associated quantification of damages.