This is not a CPA firm.

Technical Merit Analysis

Synergen’s qualified subject matter experts are experienced in the process of analyzing and certifying errors, omissions, and negligence relative to technical design and engineering performance. Our experts are equipped to evaluate and recognize these issues through extensive research and analysis, and to address applicable standards of care.

Analytical services and areas of investigation include:

  • Evaluation/Preparation of Technical Merit
  • Coordination of On-Site Destructive Testing
  • Construction and Design Defect Analysis
  • Building Inspection
  • Plan and Specification Review
  • Construction Cost Estimation (Pre and Post Construction)
  • Industry/Regulation/Code Compliance Studies
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Design Supervision
  • Construction Administration
  • Repair Recommendations
  • Errors, Omissions, and Negligence
  • Coordination of Experts