Synergen’s cost control professionals are familiar and skilled with common systems and practices. We have assisted with the implementation of cost control systems, trained individuals and companies in cost controls practices, advised on cost control policies and procedures, and analyzed costs on troubled projects. It is important for contractors and owners alike to keep current on a project’s cost by maintaining a reliable cost control system.

Changes in labor costs, labor shortages, increased materials costs, delays, inclement weather conditions, and other foreseeable and unforeseeable events can affect both the cost and schedule of a construction project. Maintaining a reliable cost control system enables a contractor to analyze the productivity of workers, the performance and efficiency of equipment, the cost of materials, and the proper allocation of resources and overhead expenses.

A reliable cost control system allows for the management of change as a project progresses. If construction costs are running higher than the contract budget or are different than scheduled, corrections can be made while the project is still in progress; therefore, increasing the likelihood of a projects success.