Synergen is often engaged on projects after serious problems have caused cost overruns or delays. In these situations, our project management experts quickly take action to implement procedures to get the project back on track. Additionally, our highly skilled team works with clients to mitigate and resolve claims while supporting project progress.

Troubled projects may be plagued with the following problems:

  • Circumstances Resulting in Cost Overruns
  • Difficulties in Meeting Milestones or Completion Deadlines
  • Risk of Failure in Delivering Anticipated Benefits
  • Failure or Unwillingness to Allocate Resources to the Project
  • Inability to Maintain Project Scheduling
  • Significant and/or Critical Technical Issues with the Project

Synergen has worked extensively with clients to understand the root causes of troubled projects and develop approaches to successfully turn projects around. We assist clients by reviewing a project and implementing a recovery process that monitors and identifies the need for possible intervention.

Unfortunately, not all projects are recoverable without addressing disputed issues. When projects cannot be turned around, Synergen assists its clients with documentation, strategic planning, and alternatives for dispute resolution.