Design and construction errors, deficiencies, and defects can occur for numerous reasons. Synergen’s professional team includes licensed architects and registered engineers, as well as experienced construction experts with the capability of addressing all aspects of building defects whether design or construction related. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is able to inspect and analyze a wide variety of building defects on a wide array of project types using some of the latest technology in forensic investigation.

Synergen’s professionals assist our clients by carefully inspecting defects and performing a root cause analysis to determine whether the defect is caused by an inadequate/insufficient design, improper construction/installation, deficient materials, lack of maintenance, or other causes. Synergen’s forensic investigation process is customized to address the specific and unique defect conditions on a project by project basis.

The investigation can include a detailed review of  the following:

  • Project Plans
  • Specifications
  • Material Data Sheets
  • Comprehensive On-site Inspection (including destructive and non-destructive testing)
  • Review of Manufacturer Installation Requirements
  • Interviews with Key Project Personnel
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Other Potential Contributing Factors

Synergen’s professional team is qualified to provide suggested repair, replacement, and mitigation options including comprehensive cost estimating services to perform the work. In addition, our experienced construction management personnel can monitor and oversee repair, replacement, or mitigation work as required to ensure that the repair fully addresses the defect issue so that the facility can be used for its intended purpose.