Standard of Care, which is contractually defined in all Owner-Architect Agreements, is described as a design professional being held to use the same degree of care as is ordinarily practiced by other similarly situated design professionals in that discipline. Architects and engineers are required to meet the appropriate standard of care for their work on a construction project. If an owner suspects the act of negligence by members of the project team, a legal claim can be filed.

Synergen’s professionals assist clients in disputes by using our depth of knowledge and expertise to provide objective expert analysis.

In some jurisdictions, a certificate of merit may be required when a claim is made against a design professional. A Certificate of Merit statute requires that an attorney representing a plaintiff certifies that an impartial third party who practices the same discipline as the defendant has been consulted and agrees in writing that there is a fundamental basis for the complaint. Many states that have Certificate of Merit statutes also require that the third party be willing to testify to the assertion.

A Certificate of Merit generally requires that a design professional of the same discipline as the defendant certify that a claim has merit. Synergen’s engineering and design professionals have extensive engineering and architectural experience. With national registration and combined state registrations in over 26 states, Synergen’s architectural and engineering experts are experienced in the objective analysis of design issues and preparation of Certificates of Merit, when considered an appropriate measure.