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Our Team

Steve Goerner

Senior Consultant

Steve Goerner has over 40 years of drilling and operational experience in the Oil and Gas industry; including onshore/offshore, inland waters, shelf and deepwater operations. Mr. Goerner specializes in the design, engineering, development and implementation of well plans for exploration and development drilling, workover, testing, de-completion, and well abandonment projects.  Mr. Goerner has held senior positions, such as Drilling Superintendent and Operations Manager, with many corporations, such as Energy XXI, Nippon Exploration, Petronas, CNOOC, Mohave Oil & Gas, Devon Energy, and Triton Engineering.  He has spent over half of his career in international operations in countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Egypt, Trinidad, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, and the North Sea area, providing supervision, planning, and execution of projects in up 10,000 ft. water depth. Mr. Goerner has extensive experience with all facets of drilling and rig operations on a variety of onshore and offshore projects, and in all service levels (top to bottom). Mr. Goerner’s experience includes, but is not limited to, drillships, semi-submersibles, jackups, platform rigs, inland barges and land rigs. Mr. Goerner studied Mathematics & Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas and Mathematics and Technology at The Open University in the United Kingdom